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Fantasia: Fantasia LP Deluxe - Black Vinyl

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Release date December 9th-2016. Gatefold jacket, with large booklet. Available on black and green vinyl.
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This extreme Finnish rarity is the only record Fantasia ever made. Originally released on Hi-Hat Records in 1975 and produced by Wigwam drummer Ronnie Österberg and Mikael Wiik, the album sounds not entirely unlike mid-seventies Wigwam, albeit being more progressive and psychedelic. The album opens with the lengthy track Pilvien takaa, which perfectly introduces Fantasia's impressionist aesthetics - dreamy, fantasy-like prog, aiming to send your imagination on a trip across momentary landscapes. 

Although Fantasia had been together since the late 1960s, first under the name St Marcus Blues Band and then as Fantasia, this album is their entire recorded legacy. It is a unique piece of work in the annals of Finnish Progressive Rock in its childlike wonder and harmonic, airy playing. 

The Svart reissue expands the cover art into gatefold format with a heap of unreleased photos and adds a hefty booklet with new liner notes and newspaper clippings. 


01. Pilvien takaa
02. Unikuva
03. Huutokauppa
04. Suihkuliidolla
05. Hautausmaan rauniolla
06. Tulen pisara
07. Aggressio
08. Härmä jazz
09. Depressio

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