TC Helicon - Voicelive 2
TC Helicon - Voicelive 2 TC Helicon - Voicelive 2

TC Helicon - Voicelive 2

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Revolutionary Vocal Effects Floor Pedal . Vain 1 kpl jäljellä superhintaan !

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VoiceLive 2 puts studio-quality vocal harmonies at your feet on any stage!

TC-Helicon VoiceLive 2 Features:

  • Wizard button helps you find the right preset
  • Stompbox access to six effect blocks
  • One button access to global tone, pitch and guitar effects
  • Easy editing of all parameters
  • Simple preset chaining with Step feature
  • USB for updates, back-ups and audio streaming
  • Control harmonies with guitar, MIDI or MP3 input
  • Up to eight voices with MIDI keyboard control or 4 doubled harmonies
  • All new algorithm is smooth and natural even for extreme vocal styles
  • Auto sensing of harmony control instrument
  • 5X processing power of typical floor processor
  • Separate harmony and doubling blocks
  • New reverb, tap delay,Mod
  • FX block for T-Pain effect, megaphone, distortion
  • Global effects including tone, pitch correction, and guitar effects
  • All effects can be used simultaneously
  • Tone tailors adaptive EQ, compression and de-ess to your voice
  • Adaptive gate reduces mic input when you're not singing
  • Digital mic-gain control is engaged with your feet
  • Mic or Line input with digital controlled mic gain
  • Guitar input with auto-mix , guitar effects as well as transparent pass-thru
  • Stereo 1/8" (MP3 player) input
  • Stereo XLR,1/4" and Headphone outputs
  • MIDI in, out and thru
  • Expression pedal input
  • Natural curve puts footswitches at comfortable angle
  • Recessed rubberized handle
  • Bright LCD and large lettering
  • Rubberized end caps and edit/mix knobs
  • Extruded aluminum and steel chassis
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