Podcast & äänitysmikrofoni + teline -SUPERTARJOUS !
Podcast & äänitysmikrofoni + teline -SUPERTARJOUS ! Podcast & äänitysmikrofoni + teline -SUPERTARJOUS !

Podcast & äänitysmikrofoni + teline -SUPERTARJOUS !

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Kondensaattorimikrofoni, popfiltteri, mikkipidike, XLR mikrofonijohto sekä broadcast mikrofoniteline äänitys/podcast studioon

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Supreme CU-2 - a studio recording microphone that features a large 25mm high quality capsule, 

high output, low noise, wide frequency responce, sensitive attenuator and a low cut filter

Frequecy responce: 20hz - 20khz

Sensitivity: -37 dB

Polar pattern: Cardioid 

S/N ratio: 68dB

Max SPL: 130dB

Output imedance: 200 ohm

MS25 is luxury broadcastig & recording stand, all aluminium construction,silver and sleek paint, make it very strong and nice looking.

Built in strong tension spring, can hold heavy professional microphones for rough studio work.

The half elliptic aluminium tube gives enough space to collect the cable along with the stand.

Pre-wired through the tubing. Extra long 5/8x27 threaded connector fits virtually all types of mounts.

Strong locking center hingeassure stability. Mic won`t drop even when mic is raised above the center hinge !

Heavy-duty stand base supply enough support, and can be fixed on the table easily

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