Marshall  Origin 20C Combo
Marshall  Origin 20C Combo Marshall  Origin 20C Combo

Marshall Origin 20C Combo

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20W Combo with classic all-valve design and contemporary features including Gain Boost , Power reduction and FX-Loop. ! LITE BEGAGNAD

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This 20w combo is designed for those that like  expression through innovation. Using a Celestion V type speaker the Origin 20 provides  a classic all-valve Marshall tone.  A  2-way footswitch allows you to control the gain boost and turn the FX loop on  and off. 

With classic styling and modern features this  amp generates rich, harmonic tones so that you can craft a sound to suit your  personality. Using the footswitchable gain boost feature you can add that extra  level of gain to generate a more overdriven tone. It may only have one channel  but don’t underestimate it. By using the tilt control you can blend the voice  between the normal tone and a high treble tone. Marshalls new power reducing  technology, “Powerstem”, allows you to have high, medium or low power modes to  suit your environment, from playing small venues to playing in your bedroom.  Using the presence control you can increase  the high frequency and increasing the master volume can give you that classic  overdrive sound.

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