Blackstar: Carry-On-Folding-Piano 88-White
Blackstar: Carry-On-Folding-Piano 88-White

Blackstar: Carry-On-Folding-Piano 88-White

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Vikbart piano som är optimal att bära med sig och enkel att förvara. Spela med 128 olika inbyggda ljud, laddas enkelt via USB och en sustainpedal och bag ingår

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The Carry On Folding Piano 88 allows you to take a piano where you wouldn't take a piano with a full-range of 88 keys and great feature for incredible performance.

Fantastic Folding Piano

Whether you're a beginner, a teacher or a musician that likes to make music on the go, the Carry-On Folding Piano 88 is for you.

Easy to use, highly compact and incredibly portable, the Carry-On Folding Piano 88 unfolds into a full-length 88-key piano so you can play piano virtually anywhere.

Excellent Features

But it's not just its folding capabilities that make the Carry-On Folding Piano 88 so great; a wide range of features will enhance your enjoyment and learning while playing this folding piano.

A dedicated button plays accompanying music to which ever key you select so you can play along to a rhythm.

While an Accompaniment is playing, if you press the keys between A0 and G#2  the chord will synchronise to the style. You can even adjust the beat on the fly.

A built-in metronome is there to help you work on your timing too and you can select different accents to get just the right feeling you're looking for.

A Wide Range of Sounds

128 different voices are on board the Carry-On Folding Piano giving you a huge range of sounds to perform with.

From pianos and organs to guitars, various wind instruments and even sound effects are all there.

The accompanying styles you can play in are just as varied, covering everything from pop and disco to soul and disco over 128 different options.

As if that wasn't enough, the Carry-On FP88 can also double-up as a MIDI keyboard too!

Play Wherever You want

Included with the Carry-On FP88 is a sustain pedal adding to your performance capabilities. You also get a carry bag in the box which adds to 

the great portability of this fantastic piano.

Buy the Blackstar Carry-On Folding Piano 88 from PMT Online for a fantastic folding piano that you can take virtually anywhere and perform with.

What's In The Box?

  • Carry-on Folding Piano 88 
  • Owner's Manual 
  • Micro USB charging cable 
  • Sustain pedal 
  • Carry bag

Carry-On Folding Piano 88 Specs:

  • Keyboard: 88 note standard keyboard 
  • Voice: 128 
  • Accompaniments: 128 
  • Transpose: -6, +6 semitones 
  • Demo songs: 30 
  • Tempo adjustment: 1-16 
  • Metronome: 1-6 
  • Volume adjustment: 0-10 
  • Display: digital display 
  • Speaker: 2 x 2W 
  • Power: Built-in rechargeable battery (1000 mAh) can provide up 
  • to 8 hours of normal use when fully charged 
  • Connections: Micro USB, 3.5mm headphone output, 
  • sustain pedal input 
  • Dimensions: 331mm x 126mm x 85mm (Folded), 1324mm x 
  • 126mm x 21mm (Expanded) 
  • Net weight: 1.6kg
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