Trevi XT-108BT Soundtower
Trevi XT-108BT Soundtower Trevi XT-108BT Soundtower

Trevi XT-108BT Soundtower

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Amplified tower speaker with subwoofer - radio, bluetooth, MP3, USB, Line-in

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Bluetooth Tower Speaker TREVI XT 108 BT BLACK

The ' loudspeaker Trevi XT 108 BT Tower , is a complete sound system 2.1 "all in one". Its design, developed vertically, allows you to place it anywhere in a small space, without sacrificing the quality of a 2.1 system. Trevi Tower XT 108 BT Wireless Connection complete Bluetooth , you will ensure a powerful audio perception even Smartphone, and Tablet PCs. The two front speakers and subwoofer built , will project your music with high clear and deep bass. Sitting comfortably on your couch, you can listen to your favorite songs even from USB and Line In, Controlling the playlists and conveniently with the supplied remote control The amplified tower Trevi is the ideal solution to fully enjoy good music wherever you want.

• Amplified system 2.1 ALL IN ONE listen TV, smartphone, tablet quality high power
• MP3 player built-in
• Direct memory flash USB
• Volume, play/pause next/prev control
• 5 EQ presets
• Digital amplifier T1 class
• 2 front speakers 3” + Sub-woofer 5,25”
• Frequencies response 30 Hz/20 KHz
• Bluetooth ® function: allows you to listen to music wirelessly from any Bluetooth ® devices (smartphones, tablets, PCs)
• Max audio power: 60W (15W x2 + 30W Sub-woofer)
• Power supply: 230V~50Hz with external power adaptor 12V 3A
• Unit dimensions: 110(L) x 203(D) x 1050(H) mm (without base)
• Base dimensions: 190(L) x 275(D) x 12,5(H) mm

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