Nux Boost Core Deluxe -booster pedal
Nux Boost Core Deluxe -booster pedal

Nux Boost Core Deluxe -booster pedal

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Booster pedal med ren Clean - distad overdrive - distad distortion booster

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The Clean mode (RC Boost) retains a very transparent Boost signal, just like the original RC, which is very suitable for pushing the first-stage tube of the vacuum tube amplifier. Use the high and low bass EQ to tweak the sound of the tube amplifier. Note: Maximum amplification 20dB

The Dirt mode (AC Boost) can increase more gains (asymmetric diodes cutoff to produce overdrive sound similar to vacuum tube amplifiers), but remove some excessive high frequency harshness using RC filter. Two high- and low-frequency EQ controls of the Baxandall type further shape the enhanced overdrive sound of various frequency bands. Note: Maximum amplification 35dB

In the Spark mode, a high-pass filter is used to simulate the frequency response of Top Boost. Through the AC circuit, the classic tone of Top Boost is obtained, which is a very prominent guitar tone. Note: Maximum amplification 35dB

Analog Circuit
3 Boost Modes (Clean – Dirt – Spark)
True Bypass

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